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Drass is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future with the objective of a zero ecological footprint to retain, restore and replace the natural resources used in its operations.
Drass demonstrates its commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment through its extensive recycling program.  Paper, plastics, glass and batteries are recycled, along with all water used during external pressure testing of underwater vessels.
Drass leads by example and actively spreads the culture of environmental sustainability, encouraging careful use of resources through a daily awareness program. The cooperation of employees, customers, visitors and suppliers is incentivized through the installation of monitors and signage with environmental responsibility reminders so that individually and collectively we can make a difference.
Drass focuses specific attention on the following aspects:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Recycling optimization
  • Green mobility
  • Energy-saving initiatives (Gas and electricity)
  • Reduction of waste output!


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