Expansion Of Drass Services

Expansion Of Drass Services

Drass is expanding its dedicated client service which provides specialist support to Shipbuilders during the integration of Drass 100 Series Diving System.
In February Drass provided an extended supervision and consultancy to CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) for Hull 3080, by means of an extensive audit which focused on key and complex elements of Drass 100 Series Diving System integration and project management.

Drass and CSSC worked together extensively to fine tune risk management and risk mitigation analysis and to review methods and processes of the following specific topics:
•    Equipment Maintenance & Preservation
•    Project Program Planning
•    Vessel Interface
•    Design Control
•    Project Documentation Control
These areas were fully audited in specific meetings with key CSSC personnel and management teams, with Drass providing additional recommendations respecting the future on-site support service related to the installation and commissioning of Drass 100 Series.

Thanks to the close cooperation between Drass and CSSC, this type of service will be extended in the coming months enabling CSSC to further develop their experience and expertise with Drass 100 Series for the benefit of future projects and continued successful collaboration with Drass.

We are thankful to CSSC Project Team for fully welcoming Drass at CSSC’s facilities, and for the professionalism, hospitality and Chinese culinary delights enjoyed together!

Below some pictures from the Drass staff visit.