PN: 74SB-01-01-01-00-00

DRASS OXYSHOT is a single-lock hyperbaric chamber outfitted for two (2) persons: one patient on a bed plus one attendant on a foldable seat.
Built with an internal diameter of 1300 mm, OXYSHOT is designed to accommodate and medically treat scuba divers, permitting an immediate recompression on site at 18 msw in the event of a diving accident.
OXYSHOT is equipped with all items required for standard operation and a complete set of optional accessories.

With additional Spherical Entry Lock 74SB-01-01-01-01-00

Main characteristics

  • Working pressure 1.8 bar (2.8 bar absolute) = 18 msw
  • Inner diameter 1300 mm
  • Total length approx. 2300 mm
  • Lock volume 2.7 m3
  • Entry lock manway 700 mm
  • Number of windows 1 + 1 (plus 1 spare for optional food lock)
  • Windows diameter 160 mm (127 mm clear)
  • Total weight ~1450 kg

The control panel is connected to the flat end and provides the following main control tools:

  • Pressurization/decompression
  • Divers breathing through BIBS
  • Depth monitoring
  • Internal atmosphere gas analysisOXYSHOT can be customized with a variety of options available on client request, including the installation of the Easy Automation System which enables preset depth profiles (non-modifiable by user).
    The pressure vessel is designed and built according to EN 13445. A PED certification is provided.OXYSHOT can be supplied with an additional Spherical Entry Lock to permit the entry of a doctor for the provision of medical assistance and monitoring