PN: 74SB-02-01-01-00-00

DRASS OVETTO is a cylindrical twin lock hyperbaric chamber designed for two (2) persons in the main lock: one patient on a bed plus one attendant on a foldable seat. The entry lock chamber allows the locking of one (1) person and transportation on main lock chamber. It comes with a foldable seat enabling medical assistance and monitoring of the patient.
Built with an internal diameter of 1300mm, OVETTO is equipped with all items required for standard operation as well as a complete set of optional accessories.
OVETTO is specifically designed to accommodate and medically treat surface-supplied divers, permitting an immediate recompression on site at 50 msw in the event of a diving accident.

Main characteristics

  • Working pressure 5 bar (6 bar absolute) = 50 msw
  • Total weight ~1300 kg
  • Inner diameter 1300 mm
  • Total length approx. 3300 mm
  • Main lock volume 2.5 m3
  • Main lock manway 700 mm
  • Entry lock volume 1.23 m3
  • Entry lock manway 700 mm
  • Lock manway ND 700 mm
  • Number of windows 2 + 1 (1 per lock plus 1 spare for use as a possible food lock)
  • Windows diameter 160 mm (127 mm clear)

The control panel monitors:

  • Pressurization/decompression
  • Diver breathing through BIBS
  • Depth monitoring
  • Internal atmosphere gas analysis

OVETTO is designed to accommodate various options available on client request, including the installation of the Easy Automation System which enables preset depth profiles (non-modifiable by user).
The pressure vessel is designed and built according to EN 13445. A PED certification is provided.