PN: 85OA-01-02-00-00-00

DRASS DRASSUNO is a one-man portable hyperbaric chamber for commercial, military, rescue, or scuba diving. Built with an internal diameter of 650 mm, DRASSUNO is designed to support shallow water diving operations in areas, such as onboard vessels, where emergency access to a fixed recompression chamber is not available. DRASSUNO can accommodate and medically treat a diver, permitting an immediate recompression on site at 70 msw in the event of a diving accident.
This cylindrical, single-lock chamber is outfitted with a removable stretcher, a manhole with a toothed flange suitable for coupling with STANAG flange, a door and an interlocking mechanism.

Main characteristics

  • Working pressure 7 bar (8 bar absolute) = 70 msw
    Inner diameter 650 mm
    Total length ~2380 mm
    Maximum width ~1010 mm
    Manway ~650 mm
    Lock volume ~0,74 m3
    Medical lock dimensions W125 mm, L215 mm
    Number of windows 2
    Windows diameter 160 mm (127 mm clear)
    Total weight ~670 kg

The control panel provides these main control tools:

  • Pressurization/decompression
  • Divers breathing through BIBS
  • Depth monitoring
  • Internal atmosphere gas analysisOptional class certification (DNVGL, LR, KR etc) is available.

DRASSUNO has a trolley platform for horizontal and vertical movement, and is supplied with two (2) cylinders, one oxygen and one air, of 14 liters/200 bar. The cylinders are installed on the chamber and ensure the oxygen supply of the patient during transportation