The MiniSat System is rated to 120msw and is based on a novel approach to providing a low cost solution for either an integrated “built in” or a deck-mounted Modular system. Hyperbaric rescue is granted by a float away Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber built around the same shell as the 6-man living chamber.
The HRC can be quickly jettisoned in a controlled manner in an emergency. The system is equipped with a 3-man Diving Bell.


  1.  Can be easily integrated in a smaller vessel than a normal “built in” system due to smaller dimensions and does not require dedicated Self-propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat.
  2. Can be partially integrated or fully integrated giving a greater flexibility for rapid mobilization on different vessels. (Gas storage, machinery and control area can be built into 2 or more vessels, then when required major components can be move from one vessel to the other).
  3. Mobilization is faster than in a standard modular system.
  4. Can be used as the saturation diving component of a versatile DP2 shallow-water (0-125msw), purpose-built DSV.
  5. In the absence of a dedicated hyperbaric rescue facility the 6-man living chamber will, when attached to a suitable Life Support Package, provide a better environment in which to conduct the final decompression due to its greater dimension