Drass DSB48 Soft TOP

PN: 75DB-01-01-01-00-00

The Drass Diving Support Boat (DSB) is a class of uniquely designed boats embedding a hyperbaric diver decompression chamber (DDC) for treatment and prevention of decompression sickness. Drass DSB houses the DDC just above the keel level, giving the boat a much better stability when compared to vessels of similar dimensions. This ingenious solution enables a boat of limited dimensions to operate a DDC, whilst also leaving most of the open deck available for routine operations and safe navigation in high seas, thereby enhancing the boat’s effectiveness.
Drass DSB comes fully equipped with a complete hyperbaric unit, including DDC, control panel, air storage, HP air compressors, filters and diver panels where required.
Thanks to these combined features, Drass DSB is a multi-application rescue vessel that can be specifically configured for use by coastguard, navies, governmental emergency response teams, commercial and recreational diving companies.
Drass DSB48 doubles up as an ideal mother vessel/rescue vessel for recreational scuba. It offers dive operators, divers onboard and those in the locality, the safety of a hyperbaric chamber in remote diving locations.
Thanks to its limited dimensions, DSB48 is also the perfect boat for commercial diving in shallow waters of harbors or coastal areas, offering increased safety during prolonged diving operations.
The use of a rescue boat in touristic areas makes it possible to provide a decompression facility as a first aid emergency response, significantly increasing the chances of saving human lives at sea when encountering incidences of decompression illness. The vessel can comfortably accommodate 14 divers plus the marine crew, and the DDC is designed for 2-men occupancy. On stern, the hull has a central passageway to permit entry of a stretcher into the 1300mm DDC. The DDC is PED compliant (Pressure Equipment Device 2014/68/EU), designed and built according to EN13445, and with a working pressure of 18 msw.

DSB48 also comes equipped with a comfortable wheelhouse, bathroom and divers’ changing rooms with ample storage for diving equipment. The vessel is available in multiple configurations as per the table below:


  • Motorization upgrade
  • Underwater light system
  • Underwater CCTV system
  • Boat Communication
  • O2 monitoring system


  • Easy automation

PN: 5DB-01-01-02-00-00 DSB 48 with soft top and upgraded motorization (500 cv)

Diving Support Boat 48 (DSB 48) is a multi-application rescue vehicle which can be configured in different versions for use by coastguard, navies, governmental emergency response teams, commercial and recreational diving. Designed for the treatment of decompression sickness, the boat includes a 1300mm Ovetto Hyperbaric Chamber with control panel and HP air compressors. Diving Support Boat 60 (DSB 60) is designed for areas not accessible by DSVs and for various diving operations such as underwater welding, survey and inspection services for ships, dock gates, mooring systems, cables and a variety of other underwater structures.

Main characteristics
Length of aft (inc. fender and aft platform) = 14,50 m
Length at water line = 12,70 m
Breadth max = 4,05 m
Height to main deck =  3,10 m
Draft max = 1,35 m
Engine = 2×350 Hp at 1800 rpm (optional engine upgrade available)
Speed max = 16 knt
Capacity fuel tank = 2,3 m3