Drass DG900 is among the latest in the legacy of our Italian-made Compact Submarines, based on the traditional design which was a huge success worldwide.
The Compact Submarine’s success is due to the geniality of design, its simple hull construction, the reliability of the on-board equipment, as well as its ease of operability and maintainability.
Furthermore, with the Compact Submarine the end user is self-sufficient in the operation of a craft dedicated to operations in Brown and Blue Waters, and, thanks to the unique design also in its maintenance.

The design of Drass DG900 is based on an operational concept which makes this craft extremely similar to an SSK conventional submarine despite its more compact dimensions. The unique flexibility of the Drass Design allows the Final User to configure this craft for many missions covering the entire range dedicated to a conventional submarine. The craft is designed to spend almost 80% of its life in operation, limiting the maintenance period to 20% of the life span. As a significant evolution from the smaller Drass Midget Submarines e.g. DG160 Midget, the DG900 is designed to overcome the limit of Shallow Waters (200 m depth) with a significant increase in endurance and dive range.
Its design is characterized by the minimum manning necessary for operations, its strong AUV capacity, the high integration and inter-modularity of systems, principally electrical.