Drass DG100 is among the latest in the legacy of our Italian-made Midget Submarines, based on the traditional design which was a huge success worldwide.
The Midget Submarine’s success is due to the geniality of design, its simple hull construction, the reliability of the on-board equipment, as well as its ease of operability and maintainability.
Furthermore, the end user is self-sufficient in the operation of a craft dedicated to operations in green and brown waters, and, thanks to the unique design also in its maintenance.

Dry Combat Submersible DG100 is an autonomous surveillance / combat craft requiring no transportation vector to carry out missions. Its high performance in ultra-shallow waters, fully armed using state of the art sensors guarantee exceptional operational capabilities.
DG100 is characterized by its versatility of use, even with a reduced crew, the cost-effectiveness of the management costs, the rational arrangement of the equipment and systems in order to allow easy mission operations / maintenance / conservation activities. It is highly modular allowing flexibility of operations depending on the mission profile.
The craft is designed and built to be easily reconfigured in accordance with the type of mission (combat airplane concept).
The DCS is able to maneuver in confined waters and perform bottoming at the maximum depth of littoral waters (60 m).
The DCS allows the possibility of being dry dismounted and relocated by road with easy and not so specialized skills and logistic facilities.
The pressure resistant compartment shall ensure an adequate level of comfort for crew and passengers due to the nature of the missions where they will be involved as a compromise solution of the small dimensions of the craft.