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Project Manager

Hi to everyone! My name is Alessandra, i working in Subspec, a Drass’ Company, from 2014.
I’m a Mechanical Designer. My role consist in design and model to the computer with 3D development software products that will be made.
I always liked to try to understand how things work, being able to take them apart to see how they were made in, try to fix them as I could. It is for these that i study to became this!
I love my job, and I like the environment where I carry out.
My passion are simple. I like read book (i prefer to watch TV) and listen every kind of music.
But surelly, my favourite is the sea! When i can, i go to walk on the beach, smeel it perfume, sit dawn to watch it.
Maybe, a day i will start to do diving me too! (although I have a little fear of high water).

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