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Drass Helmet and Life Support Equipment Test Facility

DRASS has been selected by a reputable manufacturer of SCUBA regulators as the facility to perform their annual product testing according to EN 250 standard.
Such tests are performed using DRASS’s recently manufactured Life Support Equipment Test Facility, capable of testing SCUBA and diving regulators, diving helmets, rebreathers, etc.… according to applicable standards. A full range of tests are available such as breathing performance up to 50 bar ambient pressure using air, nitrox or helium, both in gas or submerged, cold test (2-4 °C) with humidification and heating of the breathing gas, carbon dioxide test, noise test, etc.…
Thanks to the rotating capability of the test tank, vertical and horizontal tests of breathing apparatuses can be performed during the same session without the need to vent and blow down the tank between tests.
Moreover, the huge inner volume of the tank permits the testing of larger equipment, such as complete rebreather units, up to their maximum working depth (500 msw).
The facility is available both for certification of underwater apparatuses, or as a development facility for prototype testing.
More details are available upon request.

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